Veteran helping veterans: Bruce Parkman

A 21 year Special Forces veteran is doing what he can to help provide straight talk and answers for other veterans to succeed when they transition out of the military. Bruce Parkman is the C.E.O. of the Macalan group. This Sergeant Major remembers the tumultuous time he had after transitioning out of the military, “I was unemployed for a year. I’ve been humbled and humiliated. I don’t want to see any veteran go through what I did when I transitioned from the Army in early 2001.”

After a year of trials and tribulations as a civilian, things started clicking for him. He knew he had skills as a Green Beret that he sharpened to perfection during his military career. Parkman decided to become a defense contractor, “I didn’t like the way defense contractors treated people at the time. I got to observe the industry and there was an opportunity for me to bid on a contract.” That bid became a contract reality, “We were a Special Forces owned company that was well received and started winning work.”

A company of four employees has now morphed into a global business that works on cyber intelligence issues called the Macalan Group. Parkman’s group has more than 450 employees and 80-percent of his workforce are veterans.

Bruce Parkman cuts to the chase in a quick way to let veterans know that the road to success is about planning a transition out of the military. He believes it has to be planned two to three years before you become a civilian. Parkman reinforced the steps needed to succeed, “Embrace technology, attend tech program classes and get your degree in place. You are not going to get a job just because you are a veteran. You have to have the qualifications, the desire and the perseverance.”

Bruce Parkman, who also did a stint of duty at Fort Carson puts his advice where his money is, with internships at his company for veterans interested in cybersecurity, “Where we help the veterans right now is those internships. Most colleges will give you the degree but not the hands on experience and skills. Theory is not going to get you a job in the workplace.”

Bruce Parkman is also a proud founding member of the Green Beret Foundation. This organization helps the soldiers and the families of these Special Forces group’s active duty and retired members.

Parkman may be Army proud, but he is passionate about helping all veterans achieve their goals, “I want them to succeed. I care passionately about everyone who served in our military. I think everyone in every branch of the service has something special to offer any employer in our country.”

Bruce Parkman’s goal to help others achieve is why he is our Wear Red Friday Hero. You may know someone who helps support the military or someone in the military who helps our community. Go back to our Wear Red section and nominate them.