TYSONS CORNER, VIRGINIA (Sept. 12, 2018) – The SMB ISAO has been recognized as an Information Sharing Hall of Fame Award organizational winner for their commitment to advancing information sharing among organizations and their overall impact on the information sharing ecosystem.Read Less

The ISAO Standards Organization (ISAO SO) award ceremony for the Information Sharing Hall of Fame Awards was held on Wednesday, September 12 at the 2018 International Information Sharing Conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia. These awards recognize those individuals and organizations who have demonstrated the highest standards of professional competence and selflessness and have contributed significantly to the promotion of the information sharing ecosystem. “Our team is honored to receive the Information Sharing Hall of Fame Award. We’ve been working hard to show the true value and responsibility of what an ISAO membership should be,” said Bonnie Moss, Executive Director of SMB ISAO. “Our daily effort is to enhance the information sharing ecosystem while addressing the unique needs of the small business industry, and we are thrilled our efforts are recognized.”

Information Sharing Hall of Fame Award winners are nominated by their peers in the information sharing ecosystem. Comments received about the SMB ISAO included their collaborative focus, which has stimulated education, workforce development, innovation, and research and development, specifically aimed for supporting the small and mid-size business. They are also recognized for advancing all aspects of cybersecurity, technology, business and organizational resiliency, and security standards through the sharing of threat intelligence. “Having a strong commitment to advancing information sharing is a vital aspect of cybersecurity defense plans,” said Dr. Greg White, executive director of the ISAO SO. “By winning this award, the SMB ISAO is recognized as an excellent example of how information sharing and analysis organizations can continually create a more secure and resilient Nation that is connected and informed.”

About the ISAO SO The ISAO Standards Organization is a non-governmental organization established October 1, 2015, led by the Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) with support from LMI and R-CISC. The ISAO SO’s mission is to improve the Nation’s cybersecurity posture by identifying standards and guidelines for robust and effective information sharing and analysis related to cybersecurity risks/incidents and cybersecurity best practices. The ISAO SO works with existing information sharing organizations, owners and operators of critical infrastructure, relevant agencies, and other public and private sector stakeholders through a consensus-driven standards development process to identify a common set of voluntary standards for the creation and functioning of ISAOs. Visit ISAO.org for more information.

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